SoulmancerRL by QiZD - 7DRL 2017

You are disciple of ancient cult of soulmancers, prophets of dark God, which blesses you with power to manipulate creatures' souls for sacrifices. But sacrifices of civilians and domestic pets are never enough... Go to homeworld of your God and his hounds, Lords of souls, to quench the blood hunger of your God.
Spoiler: English translation sucks, sorry for it
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Download for Linux
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Some terminals don't support colors redefenition. It's not my fault if you won't see colors. If you don't see colors, download version without colors in download section.


  • arrow keys/numpad - move
  • > - use teleport
  • space - skip turn
  • , - pick up item/close menu
  • i - open inventory
  • z - open spellbook
  • c - open character list